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Regelmäßig findet Mittwochs um 12:00 Uhr am Fachgebiet Ökonomik ländlicher Genossenschaften ein Kolloquium statt. Hier haben sowohl Promovierende als auch Masterstudierende die Möglichkeit, den aktuellen Stand ihrer Forschungsarbeit/Abschlussarbeit vorzustellen und sich mit anderen Promovierenden und Masterstudierenden auszutauschen.   

Datum Thema Vortragende/r
07.08.2019 Effects of agricultural cooperatives on members in developing countries: Studies on pricing and inclusion Agustina Malvido
29.04.2019 Wir sind alle Eigentümer! Eine qualitative Untersuchung zu Potenzialen und Problemen von Multi-Stakeholder-Genossenschaften Hanna Höfer
30.05.2018 Ecosystem Service Assessment of the Warnow Estuary – A tool application in an urban and heavily modified water body Esther Robbe
21.02.2018 Does cooperative membership matter for women's empowerment? Evidence from South Indian dairy producers Carla Domwirth
14.02.2018 Forschungsvorhaben Fallstudien Marleen Thürling
31.01.2018 Literature Review: Impact of Agricultural Cooperatives Margitta Minah, Agustina Malvido & Carla Domwirth


Leadership in Agricultural Machinery Circles – Experi-mental Evidence from Tajikistan Malte Müller
06.12.2017 Ostrom's design principles and the efficacy/ sustainability of groups (cooperatives) Anke Wolff
13.09.2017 Does transportation matter for tobacco farmers: Evidence from China Juning Lin    
02.08.2017 The struggles to govern urban commons: Lessons from reclaimed public spaces from Istanbul and Berlin Tuba Inal Cekic & Markus Hanisch
07.06.2017 INICO results from QCA Margitta Minah & Agustina Malvido
08.03.2017 The Revisited Role of Dairy Cooperatives in Argentina Agustina Malvido
09.11.2016 Verschenkte Zeit - zur Motivation und Förderung ehrenamtlichen Engagements in ländlichen Genossenschaften Nora Haunert
07.09.2016 Social Cooperatives: definition, typology and data Marleen Thürling
17.08.2016 Transformation in Food Systems Wiebke Hampel
18.05.2016 Investigating the Impact of the Energy Performance Certificate for Residential Buildings and Housing Cooperatives in Germany Amely Gundlach
14.04.2016 Social Coops in Germany: at the crossroad of social entrepreneurship and civic engagement Marleen Thürling

Are farmers’ organizations inclusive of the poor?

Discussing the concept of inclusion and empirical implications in maize cooperatives in Solwezi District, Zambia

Margitta Minah & Agustina Malvido

Social Preferences and Cooperation in Post-War Tajikistan

Malte Müller

Governance and managerial effort in consumer-owned enterprises

Murray Fulton

Cooperatives and Farm Gate Prices for Agricultural Produce: Multilevel Evidence on Non-Varietal Wine in Mendoza, Argentina

Agustina Malvido
13.01.2016 The role of cooperatives in promoting Climate Smart Agriculture - the case of Uganda Marleen Poot
02.12.2015 Comparative Qualitative Analysis Carla Dohmwirth
02.12.2015 Sozialgenossenschaftliche Unternehmen in Deutschland - Vorstellung Promotionsvorhaben Marleen Thürling
04.11.2015 Assessing inclusion in agricultural cooperatives using QCA methodology: the case of Central Province in Zambia Agustina Malvido
07.10.2015 Value Chains of Fresh Vegetable in Ethiopia Esther Robbe & Gerlinde Behrendt
09.09.2015 Cooperatives and Farm Gate Prices for Agricultural Produce: Multilevel Evidence on Non-varietal Wine in Mendoza, Argentina Jens Rommel
02.09.2015 Inclusion in Cooperatives Margitta Minah & Agustina Malvido
26.08.2015 "Pathways to energy-efficient buildings": An evaluation of non-economic factors influencing homeowners' behavior regarding energy-efficient measures.   Mira Wenzel
12.08.2015 In-group, between-group and out-group favoritism in horizontal and hierarchical groups Malte Müller
22.07.2015 What is rural innovation? Merli Reidolf
01.07.2015 Local elites and the implementation of the community-driven land consolidation project Ziming Liu
03.06.2015 The impact of Dairy Cooperatives on the Economic Empowerment of Rural Women in Karnataka Carla Dohmwirth
06.05.2015 Discrete choice modeling for electricity quality – Empirical evidence and methodical advances Julian Sagebiel
01.04.2015 Understanding Land Cooperatives in Rural China Ziming Liu