Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Urban Plant Ecophysiology


Dr. rer. nat. Wael Yakti


Biotechnologist / Natural Scientist

Room 017

Postdoctoral scientist

Yakti, Wael.jpg

Research interest
  • Insects bioprocess optimization and integrating insects in circular production systems.
  • Postharvest technology and plant protection
  • Microbiology and plant-microbe interactions
  • CUBES Circle– The development and testing of closed urban modular energy- and resource-efficient agricultural systems,
  • An end to post-harvest losses: sensor-based determination of grain quality in hermetically sealed bags
Publication list
  • Yakti, W., Schulz, S., Marten, V., Mewis, I., Padmanabha, M., Hempel, A.J., Kobelski, A., Streif, S. and Ulrichs, C., 2022. The Effect of Rearing Scale and Density on the Growth and Nutrient Composition of Hermetia illucens (L.) (Diptera: Stratiomyidae) Larvae. Sustainability14(3), p.1772.
  • Yakti, W., Andrade-Linares, D.R., Ngwene, B., Bitterlich, M., Kovács, G.M. and Franken, P., 2019. Phosphate nutrition in root–fungus interactions. Endophytes for a Growing World120.
  • Yakti, W., Kovács, G.M. and Franken, P., 2019. Differential interaction of the dark septate endophyte Cadophora sp. and fungal pathogens in vitro and in planta. FEMS microbiology ecology95(12), p.fiz164.
  • Yakti, W., Kovács, G.M., Vági, P. and Franken, P., 2018. Impact of dark septate endophytes on tomato growth and nutrient uptake. Plant Ecology & Diversity11(5-6), pp.637-648.