Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Urban Plant Ecophysiology

Prof. Dr. habil Ralf Kätzel


Urban Ecophysiology of Plants

Adjunct Professorship of Dendrological Ecology




Research Focus
  • Ecophysiology of trees
  • Stress physiology and biomarkers
  • Consequences of climate change on forests and urban ecosystems
  • Population genetics and conservation of forest genetic ressouces
Current projects (third party funded)
  • Climate change and future selection of trees (Trees4Streets) (ELER/EIP FKZ 04015000001/80166448)
  • Drought tolerance and adaptability of different spruce populations (BMEL/Waldklimafonds, FKZ 28WB408303)
  • Assessment of the invasion intensity of the black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) in Brandenburg (InVaRo)(BMEL/Waldklimafonds)
  • Establishment of an innovative planting procedure for oaks to improve the root development by using compostable root envelopes (BMEL/FNR FKZ 22023317)
  • Genetic monitoring for beech and spruce in Germany (GenMon) (BMEL, FKZ 28WC409202)
  • Ecological genetics, population genetics, gene conservation and usage of trees
  • Tree physiology and applied dendrology
  • Speaker of the advisory board of the Research Institute for Post-Mining Landscapes (FIB, Finsterwalde)
  • Member of the advisory committee of the August-Bier-Foundation
  • Member of the Federal-State-Working Group "Forest Genetic Resources and Forest Seed Law"
  • Member of the foundation council „Waldwelten“