Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - DFG research unit SiAg 2010-2013


GEWISOLA2013 Workshop - September 25, 2013, in Berlin

Analysis of Structural Change in Agriculture
– State of the Art and Recent Developments

Time Theme Presenter


Martin Odening (HU Berlin)

The impact of decoupled payments on farm choices: Conceptual and methodological challenges
Paolo Sckokai (Universita Cattolica Piacenza, Italy)
9:20 Behavioral Foundations of Structural Change Alfons Balmann, Karin Kataria (IAMO Halle), Christian Schade (HU Berlin)
9:50 Modeling Dynamics of Structural Change in a Competitive Stochastic Environment Oliver Mußhoff (Uni Göttingen), Martin Odening, Silke Hüttel, Stefan Kersting (HU Berlin), Jan-Henning Feil (Uni Göttingen)
10:20 Break  
10:50 Vertical Relations in Agribusiness Vanessa von Schlippenbach (DIW Berlin), Heinrich Hockmann (IAMO Halle), Andreas Harasser, Isabel Teichmann (DIW Berlin)
11:20 Agricultural Policy Evaluation using Micro Data Silke Hüttel (HU Berlin), Martin Petrick (IAMO Halle)
11:50 Agricultural Policy Impact Analysis using Simulation Models Andre Deppermann, Frank Offermann (vTI Braunschweig), Harald Grethe (Uni Hohenheim)
12:20 Conclusion Harald Grethe (Uni Hohenheim)


SiAg research seminar - spring 2013

time, location presenter theme
2. Mai, Berlin
14.15-16.45 Uhr
TP 2: Philipp Öhlmann, Silke Hüttel The Impact of Religiosity on Household Income in Rural South Africa
  TP 3: Jan-Henning Feil, Oliver Musshoff, Tobias Roeren-Wiemers The Impact of the EU Agricultural Reforms on Arable Farms’ Success: First Empirical Evidence
  TP 5: Arlette Ostermeyer, Alfons Balmann, Karin Kataria, Franziska Appel Path Breaking Farms: Identification and Characterization (study region Altmark)
30. Mai, Halle
14.15-17.45 Uhr

TP 9: Martin Petrick

Factor Productivity and Factor Market Imperfections in EU Agriculture: Evidence from Micro-data


Thomas Herzfeld (IAMO), Liesbeth Dries (Wageningen University), Thomas Glauben (IAMO), Ramona Teuber (IAMO)

Agricultural labour adjustment and the impact of institutions: A panel data analysis

  TP 4: Ekaterina Gataulina (VIAPI), Heinrich Hockmann (IAMO), Anton Strokov (VIAPI) Risk, technical and market efficiency by organizational form: Evidence from Oblast Oreol
27. Juni, Hohenheim
14.15-17.45 Uhr
TP 1: Schade  
  TP 6: Beyhan Bektasoglu, Martina Brockmeier To disaggregate, or not to disaggregate, that is the question: The effect of a sectoral breakdown in GTAP framework
  TP 7: Andre Deppermann, Frank Offermann and Harald Grethe Distributional Impacts of Agricultural Policy in West Germany – from the Sectoral Level to the Single Farm

SiAg research seminar - fall 2012/13

time, location presenter theme
22. November, Berlin, SP2: Xiaoliang Liu, Günther Filler, Martin Odening Testing for Speculative Bubbles in Agricultural Commodity Prices: A Regime Switching Approach
14.15-17.45 Uhr SP9: Martin Freier, Martin Petrick Specialisation and farm organisation in agriculture. Evidence from panel data in East Germany.
  Hüttel, Odening, Petrick Vorbesprechung Siag-Abschlussworkshop bei GEWISOLA2013
24. Januar, Göttingen, SP1: Wei-Shiun Chang, Christine Lauritzen, Christian Schade Conjoint Analysis on Farmers’ Preference of Operating Farms
14.15-17.45 Uhr SP5: Alfons Balmann, Karin Kataria, Franziska Schaft, Iryna Kulyk Efficiency of agroholdings in Ukraine
  SP6: Frank Offermann, Anne Margarian Modelling structural change in ex-ante policy impact analyses - An explorative study using FARMIS
31. Januar, Halle SP3+9: Ron Weber, Oliver Musshoff, Martin Petrick How flexible repayment schedules affect credit risk in microfinance
14.15-17.45 Uhr SP4: Isabel Teichmann, Vanessa von Schlippenbach Intermediation in Value Chains
  SP7: Markus Blesl, Andre Deppermann, Harald Grethe Bioenergy – impacts on the energy system of the EU27

SiAg research seminar - spring 2012

time, location presenter theme
14. Juni, Hohenheim
13.15-16.45 Uhr
SP2: Simone Pieralli Modeling farm exit under uncertainty and inefficiency
  SP6: Beyhan BEKTASOGLU, Tanja BEFUS, Martina BROCKMEIER Moving towards EU or MENA Comparing Alternative Turkish Foreign Policies Utilizing the GTAP Framework
  SP7: André Deppermann Distributional Issues – Within versus Between Group Inequality
28. Juni, Berlin
14.15-17.45 Uhr
SP1: Christian Schade, Christine Lauritzen, Serena Sandri, Wei-Shiun Chang Land Market Allocation: A Multidimensional Utility framework
SP4: Pio Baake, Andreas Harasser, Vanessa von Schlippenbach Mixed oligopoly and endogenous supply choice
  SP9: Patrick Zier, Martin Petrick The impact of CAP pillar I payments on heterogeneous farm structures in East Germany
12. Juli, Halle
14.15-17.45 Uhr
SP3: Dulat Tubetov, Syster Christin Maart, Oliver Musshoff The comparison of investment behaviors of Kazakhstani and German farmers: An experimental approach
  SP5: Alfons Balmann, Karin Kataria, Lioudmila Möller Switching between suspension and production in the presence of investment lags and uncertainty
Impact of Uncertainty in Bioenergy Investments
  SP2: Stefan Kersting Structural Change in Agriculture – An Equilibrium Approach

SiAg research seminar - fall 2011/12

time, location presenter theme
24. November, Berlin,
14.15-17.45 Uhr

SP1: Serena Sandri

Land market allocation in a multidimensional utility framework
  SP2: Christina Wagner, Silke Hüttel, Martin Odening Dynamic Efficiency Measurement - An Application to German Dairy Farms
  SP 3: Leif Erec Heimfarth, Oliver Musshoff, Robert Finger Hedging effectiveness of weather index-based insurance as a function of aggregation biases in yield data
8. Dezember, Halle,
14.15-17.45 Uhr

SP4: Heinrich Hockmann

Price for milk and dairy products: Incorporating theoretical consideration into price transmission analysis and the ability to detect changes of market power
  SP5: Arlette Ostermeyer, Alfons Balmann, Karin Kataria, Franziska Schönau Dairy Farming in East and South Germany – results from stakeholder discussions
  SP6: Beyhan BektaŞoĞlu, Martina Brockmeier, Kirsten Urbana Disaggregation in Model Systems: Problems and Steps towards a Solution
19. Januar, Göttingen,
14.15-17.45 Uhr
SP7: Andre Deppermann Energy from Biomass – linkages between the energy and the agricultural sector in the EU until 2050
  SP9: Martin Freier, Martin Petrick Workers from abroad – a solution to labour shortages in East German agriculture?
    Vorbesprechung Liebenberg Workshop

SiAg research seminar - spring 2011

time, location presenter theme
5. Mai, Hohenheim,
13.15-16.45 Uhr
SP 5+2: Alfons Balmann, Silke Hüttel, Martin Odening, Franziska Appel, Arlette Ostermeyer The Land Market in East Germany - An Empirical Analysis
SP 5: Christoph Sahrbacher, Alfons Balmann, Arlette Ostermeyer, Franziska Schönau The CAP after 2013 – Impacts of payment reduction and capping
SP 6: Beyhan Bektasoglu, Kirsten Urban, Martina Brockmeier A Sensitivity Analysis to get Insights into Aggregation Problems within Model Linkages
16. Juni, Halle,
14.15-17.45 Uhr
SP 2+3: Silke Hüttel, Oliver Mußhoff, Martin Odening Structural Change under a Production Quota - A Theoretical Approach
SP 3: Jan-Henning Feil, Oliver Mußhoff, Alfons Balmann Policy Impact Analysis in Competitive Agricultural Markets - An Agent-Based Real Options Approach
SP 9: Martin Petrick Structural change in agriculture - An international perspective
30. Juni, Berlin,
14.15-17.45 Uhr
SP 1: (Wei-Shiun Chang), Astrid Häger, Dieter Kirschke, Kerstin Örtel, Serena Sandri, Christian Schade Allocation mechanisms for land markets - A proposal for analyzing multi-dimensional consequences
SP 4: Vanessa von Schlippenbach, Isabel Teichmann Intermediate merger incentives in a three-tier industry structure
  SP 7: Andre Deppermann, Harald Grethe, Frank Offermann An ex-analysis of distributional effects of the CAP on western German farm incomes (presentation and paper)

SiAg research seminar - fall 2010/11

time, location presenter theme
11. November 2010; Berlin SP 1: Serena Sandri, Christian Schade, Avichai Snir Theory and Experimental Design: Auctioning Land and Aversion to Decision Making
14:15 - 17:45 Uhr SP 2: Prof. Christian Lippert, Universität Hohenheim, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences A Ricardian analysis of the impact of climate change on agriculture in Germany
18. November 2010; Göttingen, SP 3/5: Appel/Hengel How appropriate are rational-choice-models to predict decision behaviour – a comparison between multiagend models and business management games
14:15 - 17:45 Uhr SP 5: Larsén/Slaston/Balmann Efficiency in wheat production of Ukrainian agricultural enterprise
SP 6: Urban Direct Payments in GTAP: How to measure the degree of decoupling and use them in CGE models?
02. Dezember 2010; SP 4: Isabel Teichmann, Vanessa v. Schlippenbach The Strategic Use of Private Quality Standards in Food Supply Chains
Berlin, SP 7: Markus Blesl Long term energy prices – interdependencies between market power, resource availability and demand options
14:15 - 17:45 Uhr SP 9: Prof. Daniel W. Bromley ( Sustainability Under Siege: Transport Costs and Corruption on West Africa’s Agricultural Trade Corridors