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HORTINLEA (Horticultural Innovation and Learning for Improved Nutrition and Livelihood in East Africa) is an interdisciplinary research project addressing food security in East Africa, particularly in Kenya. 19 East African and German universities and research institutes work collaboratively to produce and distribute knowledge in order to increase horticultural production and consumption, especially of African leafy indigenous vegetables. The overall goal is to improve the livelihood and nutritional situation of the rural and urban poor.


Millions of people in East Africa suffer from “hidden hunger” – the inadequate supply of the vital vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy life. While this challenge is quite prevalent, Kenya’s agricultural biodiversity could contribute significantly to the resolution of the problem. Many Kenyan farmers in the western and central regions of the country have recently started to resurrect this natural capacity by growing almost forgotten African Indigenous Vegetables (AIVs). These vegetables can be an important element of a wholesome diet and thus hold the potential to alleviate hidden hunger, as well as to contribute to the income generation for smallholder farmers affected by poverty.


Project Director: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Bokelmann

Project Coordinator: Zoltan Ferenczi

Assistant to the Coordinator: Caroline Moraza



Project film: