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Ana Drulla


Photo: Ana Drulla

 Research Assistant

  Room 1140






Short Bio

  • Since 11/2022  Research Assistant
  • Since 12/2020  Humboldt University Berlin, aspired graduation: Integrated Natural Resource Management M.Sc.
  • 07/2012 - 12/2016 FAE Business School, Brazil, Degree: Business Management and Economics B.Sc., Bachelor thesis: "Vertical integration of factory farms in the United States of America"
  • 02/2008 - 06/2012 University Center Curitiba (UniCuritiba), Brazil, Degree: International Relations B.Sc., Bachelor thesis: "Factory farms and the development of animal welfare"


Research Interests

  • Impact of colonial legacies on development trajectories
  • The role of the state in de-risking accumulation in late capitalism
  • Pathways though which hierarchies in the international system incentivize financialization of debt and natural resources in the global south
  • Politics of climate finance and global environmental governance
  • Political economy of food