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Application for the ethics review process

Informationen zur Beantragung eines Ethikvotums durch die Ethikkommission des Thaer-Instituts.

How do I submit an ethics application for review at the Thaer-Institute?

The Ethics Committee of the Thaer-Institute only assesses applications for research projects led by a member of the Institute.


  1. Please fill  out the Ethics Application Form truthfully. Further explanations for completing the application form can be found in the document Instructions for submission and processing of applications.
    - Ethics application form: DE / EN (please download and fill out)
    Instructions for submission and processing of applications: DE / EN

  2. Please create a single PDF file that contains all application documents (including attachments).

  3. Please email the PDF file to the Ethics Commission of the Thaer-Institute.



Below you find guidelines and directions that will help you with your application.