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Attaining Food and Environmental Security in an Era of Globalization

Open seminar by Thomas W. Hertel from Purdue University (IN-USA)
  • Wann 17.03.2016 von 10:30 bis 12:00
  • Wo IRI THESys, Friedrichstr. 191, 10117 Berlin, Room 4088 (4th floor)
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Attaining the twin goals of food and environmental security in the coming decades poses a significant sustainability challenge. While providing affordable food for the world’s growing population might suggest a strategy of cropland expansion, the conversion of natural lands to agriculture has been a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as biodiversity loss. Improving agricultural productivity on existing croplands is therefore often advocated as an important option for meeting food security objectives. However, in the presence of smoothly functioning international trade, isolated improvements in productivity can lead to dramatic cropland area response and potential environmental degradation in the innovating region as producers expand production for exports.

The seminar offered by Thomas W. Hertel (Department of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University; Purdue Climate Change Research Center) will give insights resulting from the author’s upcoming paper on “Attaining Food and Environmental Security in an Era of Globalization” in order to examine the interplay and tensions between international trade, food security and environmental quality.

The long version of the abstract is attached here.

All interested parties are cordially invited to join!