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Frequently Asked Questions – (INRM) - December 2017


About the study programme

  1. Why is Humboldt University Berlin an exciting place for students?

  1. What are the learning objectives of INRM?

  1. What is the programme structure of INRM?

  1. Is the INRM programme entirely taught in English?

Yes, the INRM programme is an English taught programme.

  1. What are the carrier opportunities for INRM graduates?


Graduates from the INRM Master Programme have good job opportunities in all private and public branches of resource management: soil protection, landscape management, water protection and water regulation, river management and flood protection, emission protection and climate protection policy, nature protection and reserve management to bio-diversity policy and preservation of genetic resources, co-existence of conventional and GMO cropping, implementation of agri-environmental measures, organisation of ecological farming, production of renewables and bio-energy, multifunctional restructuring of agriculture, sustainable regional management and project management, implementation of EU environmental directives, development cooperation and international environmental conventions.

Future employers may be:

  • international organisations and administrations operating in the fields of environment, development, agriculture, food, fishery, forestry and landscape;
  • national authorities, such as ministries, NGOs, environmental and agricultural associations, chambers und agencies, environmental co-operatives and foundations;
  • private environmental service enterprises, e.g. doing environmental tolerance testing, environmental certification, environmental consultation;
  • private environmental industries;
  • public and private R&D institutions, e.g. research institutes and universities.


6. Is the INRM programme a restricted programme?

Yes, the INRM Master is a restricted programme. Consequently, the application period is in May for the following winter semester. You can find more information on the academic calendar here:


The NCs for the last year can be found here:


The NCs of the previous years can be found here:


Application procedure and Qualifications needed for successful application (including language requirements)


For all questions concerning the application procedure, please consult the respective webpages of Humboldt University:

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  1. Information from the Admission Office for International Students:

  1. INRM-specific admission requirements

For further explanations of C1 English requirements, see Annex 1.4.2 of the Central Admission, Study and Examination Regulations of Humboldt University (ZSP-HU):