Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Ressourcenökonomie


Beginn: Juli 2021
Ende: Juni 2024

AnthropoScences is about developing measures and formats of knowledge exchange that foster collective capacities to aspire to future more-than-human liveability. It is a collaborative project between a consortium of water researchers and the Theatre of the Anthropocene, involving also the Museum of Natural History and the Humboldt Lab. It collaborates with artists, scientists, designers and civil society. It uses means of the stage and urban interventions in order to help reconfigure the conflicted relation of nature and culture in the Anthropocene. This will lead to new research questions and transdisciplinary approaches that in turn will contribute to changing matters of concern. We focus on ‘water’ as an emblematic case for debates around future more-than-human liveability.

Leitung Gesamtprojekt: Prof. Dr. Jörg Niewöhner


Leitung Teilprojekt: Prof. Dr. Klaus Eisenack

Finanzierung: Berlin University Alliance