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Summer School Benin 2018

Policy Analysis of Agricultural and Food Systems Using Economic Modelling


The summer school is a three week program from 20. August to 07. September 2018, focusing on the theoretical and applied methods for analysing policies related to the agri-food systems. The summer school consists of three workshops and three open scientific talks followed by discussion. The workshops are the following:


Workshop 1: Agricultural and Food policy: Foundations and theories (20.08.–24.08.2018)

Workshop 2: Quantitative analysis of policies with partial equilibrium models (27.08.–31.08.2018)

Workshop 3: Quantitative analysis of policies with general equilibrium models (03.09.–07.09.2018)


The scientific talks are the following:

Trade policies in Sub-Saharan Africa: Consistency with Domestic Policies and Implications for Sustainable and Inclusive Agricultural Development (24.08.2018)

Ex-ante analysis of water policies with equilibrium models (31.08.2018)

Assessing food, energy and water securities under a changing climate: a nexus modelling approach (07.09.2018)


The summer school 2018 will take place on the campus of the School of Economics Socio-Anthropology and Communication for Development (EESAC/FSA/UAC) at Abomey-Calavi, Benin. It is jointly organized by the International Agricultural Trade and Development Group of the Humboldt University of Berlin (Germany) and the School of Economics Socio-Anthropology and Communication for Development of the University of Abomey-Calavi (Benin), in partnership with the African School of Economics (Benin), Faculty of Agronomics of the University of Parakou (Benin), Institute of Technology of the University of Parakou (Benin).


You can find more information on this website or in our flyers (long and short). For application and questions, please email to

Please note that the application deadline is 31. May 2018.


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Funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)