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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Life Sciences - Resource Economics


Head of the Division
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Konrad Hagedorn


Phone: +49 (0)30 2093 46362

Dipl.-Sprachmittlerin Sigrid Heilmann

  mailicon Phone: +49 (0)30 2093 46360
Fax:    +49 (0)30 2093 46361
Visitors Address    Postal Address
Humboldt University Berlin
Division of Resource Economics
Hannoversche Str. 27
(for delivery: Philippstr. 13, Haus 12)
D-10115 Berlin
                           Humboldt University Berlin
Division of Resource Economics
Unter den Linden 6
D-10099 Berlin

The Division of Resource Economics is located on the Northern Campus of Humboldt University in two buildings:

1. Philippstraße 13, house 12
2. Luisenstraße 53

Facilities at house 12 in Philippstraße 13:

  • The head of the Division (Professor Konrad Hagedorn) and the secretary (Mrs. Sigrid Heilmann) (room 1.06 und 1.07, second floor)
  • The national coordination office for the ERASMUS Mundus Programme "International Master in Rural Development" (Mrs. Renate Judis) (room 1.18b, second floor)
  • Our seminar room, where as well our Research Colloquium on Institutional and Resource takes place (room 1.22, second floor)
  • The teaching library and the tutors´ office of the Division of Resource Economics (room 2.27, third floor)
  • The lecture hall 3 (room 1.03, second floor) and the seminar room of the Department of Agricultural Economics (room 2.01, third floor)

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