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Study projects, Bachelor- and Masters Theses


1. Built in 2014 for the "Low Energy Greenhouse Initiative (ZINEG)" the solar-collector and reference greenhouses offer several research opportunities for Bachelor and Masters students. Current topics of research include:


  • Water balance in closed greenhouses
  • Growth differences in closed greenhouses
  • Efficiency of roof cooling systems
  • Low temperature greenhouse heating systems
  • New heat storage strategies
  • Greenhouse heat pump optimisation
  • Control of plant nutrient solution
  • Energy-optimized control of double-screen systems
  • Use of fog systems for latent cooling
  • Strategies for optimal CO2 enrichment
  • CO2 and Phyto- Monitoring
  • Effects on microclimate and water / nutrient metabolism


2. Further opportunities also exist for research project with a focus on phytocontrol technology of greenhouse plants including:


  • Further development of plant phytomonitoring, optimization of sensor selection, auto-calibration, online connectivity of tomato metabolite measurements, integration of phytometric measurement information into control processes.
  • Effect of climate control measures on plant parameters, effect of different nutrient solution concentrations and compositions on fruit yield / quality
  • Water and nutrient conversions with different management strategies
  • Determination of optimized culture conditions using phytosignals
  • Correlation of phytosignals and climate data


3. Effect of abiotic factors on the development of fruit composition with a focus on fruit analysis (HPLC, structural and optical sensors).


For further information, contact Prof. Schmidt (Ph: 030 2093 46410).