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Decentral Women's Representative

Get to know the decentral women's representatives of Albrecht Daniel Thaer-Institute for Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences and learn more about how we support women at our institute and Humboldt University.

Decentral Women's Representative

Ms. Victoria Dietze mail


Deputy Decentral Women's Representative

Dr. Louisa Prause mail


What we do

As decentral women's representatives we are involved in creating and maintaining equality of opportunity and supporting women at Thaer-Institute 



  • give advice in questions of equality of opportunity and (sexualized) discrimination 
  • represent the interests of all women at Thaer-Institut
  • support women in challenging situations, e.g. personal talks with advisors, professors or other superiors
  • consultatively participate in meetings of central bodies of the institute
  • are involved in all adminitrative processes concerning selection and recruitment of staff members  - last but not least the appointment of professorships
  • are members of the Commission for Women's Empowerment
    ---> for further information, please visit this page
  • treat all information shared with us with complete confidentiality


The aim of our work is to implement structucal changes where needed at institute-level and sensitize all members of Thaer-Institute to issues of equality of opportunity and antidiscrimination at Humboldt-University and in their daily lives.



  • Post address

Humboldt Universität zu Berlin
Lebenswissenschaftliche Fakultät
Dezentrale Frauenbeauftragte
Frau Victoria Dietze
Invalidenstr. 42 | Raum 1104
10115 Berlin
Deutschland | Germany


  • Phone:  +49(0)30 2093 46300