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Habilitation Gatzweiler

Political Economy of Biodiversity Conservation
Start: 10/2009

Biodiversity can be regarded as resource for a variety of different “goods and services” from nature or as a complex condition of biological diversity which is a precondition for life. Biodiversity conservation goals frequently conflict because of issues of scale and value and respective issues on property rights and governance which requires taking economic and political dimensions of decision making into account. The study aims at revealing the ex-ante and ex-post heterogeneity of biodiversity conservation by understanding the diverse values, views, and preferences with which actors enter the political arena of biodiversity conservation, as well as their (conflicting) interests, intentions and choices over the distribution of benefits from biodiversity. The goal is to provide support in how to make choices for the conservation of biodiversity.

Researcher: Dr. Franz Gatzweiler

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Advisor: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Konrad Hagedorn

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