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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Life Sciences - Resource Economics

Graduate Thesis in Progress


John Anderson

  Franziska Bauer Bottom-up strategies against the Crisis: Discussing the role of institutional arrangements in the financial crises and for the emerging transition trends in Greece (M.Sc.)
  Massih Chopan Archetypical institutional barriers to climate change adaptation: Mistrust trap in Tajikistan (M.Sc.)
  Katja Buchmiller Keep Cool (M.Sc.)
  Jonathan Optiz

Game theory of city networks (M.Sc.)

  Neele Schäfer

Climate Change Litigation (M.Sc.)

  Rebecca Freitag Public Acceptance of Carbon Pricing (M.Sc.)
  Mohamedarif Mohamediqbal Patel ICLEI / City data (M.Sc.)

Benni Woerpel


Ece Caliskan

Drivers of climate policies: A machine learning approach


Carlotta Krone-Danhier

City-Cooperation based on the Game "Keep Cool Mobile"- A qualitative analysis

  Lukas Berger Climate Policy and the Elderly: A multidimensional political
economy analysis under the concept of Party Unanimity Nash Equilibrium
  Vera Plümer