Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - GEWISOLA2021

Submission of Papers, Posters and Workshop Abstracts

Submisson of all contributions is possible via our

conference management tool (conftool)


simplified program as pdf-file


Please, consider the following hints:

Paper submission


Poster submission

  • Cover page for your poster submission (docx-file)
  • Template for your contributions
  • Manuscript formatting instructions
  • Hints for presentation design for Berlin

    Due to the digital format of the conference, we decided to replace the poster format by a “lightning talk”. This format allows you to present your contribution within 5 minutes in a format of your choice: talk with any visual support you find adequate (pptx, prezi, a poster or any other). After the presentation, there will be short time for discussion. For your 5 min. presentation via zoom please use the landscape format, which adapts best to the variable screen sizes of your auditorium. Please ensure readability also for smal screens. If you want to upload other presentation formats than pdf, pptx, mp4, avi, pez, please contact

Call for papers (pdf-file)