Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Albrecht Daniel Thaer-Institut für Agrar- und Gartenbauwissenschaften

Weather Observations

The experimental site at Berlin-Dahlem, Albrecht-Thaer-Weg 5 (latitude: 52° 28'N; longitude: 13° 18'E; altitude: 51m above sea level), is located in the transition zone between the more maritime influenced North-German lowland and the continental influenced East-European continent (according to Köppen, transition from Do to Dc).

The meteorological observations at the experimental site are done at an extended climate station which is embedded in the Agrometeorological Field Experiment.

The highest temporal resolution of the data is 15 minutes.




Long-term means and extreme values


Annual Weather Survey

Year 2011

Year 2012

Year 2013

Year 2014

Year 2015

Year 2016

Year 2017

Year 2018

Year 2019

Year 2020

Year 2021


Observed Meteorological Parameters

  • Global radiation, Net radiation, Sunshine duration (2 m)
  • Air temperature (0.05, 0.2, 2 m)
  • Relative humidity (0.2, 2 m)
  • Soil temperature in different depth up to 1 m
  • Precipitation (1 m)
  • Wind speed (2 m, 10 m)
  • Wind direction (10 m)
  • Evaporation (Class-A-pan, Wild)
  • Evaporimeter measurements (Mitscherlich, Czeratzki, Pichè)