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Phenological Networks


We are coordinating two international phenological networks, 

- the International Phenological Gardens of Europe (IPG) and

- the Global Phenological Monitoring Programme (GPM).

Both networks are detailed described in:

Chmielewski FM, Heider S, Moryson S, Bruns E (2013) International Phenological Observation Networks - Concept of IPG and GPM (Chapter 8). In: Schwartz MD (Ed): Phenology: An Integrative Environmental Science. Springer Science+Business Media B.V. Dordrecht, 2nd Edition, 137-153


Following links lead to the IPG and GPM Homepage:

International Phenological Gardens of Europe (IPG)

Global Phenological Monitoring Programme (GPM)


Phenology 2015

Third international conference on phenology was held at Kusadasi/Turkey, from 5-8 October 2015. It was a German/Turkish initiative of the Humboldt-University of Berlin and Adnan Menders University Aydin and was hosted by the Faculty of Agriculture in Aydin. The conference was organised by Frank-M. Chmielewski (Humboldt-University Berlin) and Osman Erekul (Adnan Menders University Aydin).


Phenology 2015 Conference - Home Page  (Phenology 2015)