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Fig.: Ronny Rau

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Life Sciences - Economics of Agricultural Cooperatives


Research conducted under the Raiffeisen Chair is focused on explanation of the impacts and change processes of agricultural cooperatives. Three main focal topics structure the Chair’s agenda of research while precisely defining the theoretical and methodological framing of its activities.  

1. Performance

In the subject area Performance, scientific results for evaluating the cooperative effect, should not only contain business figures, but also changing preferences and value judgments of producers to procure reference points for the management and enhancement of rural cooperatives. » PERFORMANCE

2. Market Structure

The subject area Market structure/Market position, contributes to the understanding of real effects cooperatives unfold on markets. Relations between regional and national levels of producer prices, measures for the degree of concentration and the grade of cooperative organization within sectors are disclosed and employed for political implications and the cooperative practice, with respect to existing policy goals as equilibrated markets, sustainable production structures and fair producer prices.

3. Governance

The subject area Governance and change is devoted to the question of how and why cooperatives adjust their internal structures to the above mentioned processes of change in the agricultural- and food-sector, and how models of cooperative collaboration might look like in the future. In doing so, assets and drawbacks of new models are discussed against the broader background of international experience. » GOVERNANCE