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Sandra Čajić


Sandra Čajić works since January 2020 at the division of Gender and Globalisation. She first began as a student assistant and after successfully finishing her masters degree she started her work as a research assistant.




Ernährung und Sorge – Im Spannungsfeld zwischen Nachhaltigkeit, Zweckmäßigkeit und Genuss, 15.-16. Januar 2021, Fulda, Deutschland (mit Suse Brettin)




Sandra Čajić, Meike Brückner, Suse Brettin (2021): A recipe for localization? Digital and analogue elements in food provisioning in Berlin A critical examination of potentials and challenges from a gender perspective. In: Sustainable Production and Consumption, DOI:

Meike Brückner, Sandra Čajić & Christine Bauhardt (2021): Reflection: Food as pleasure or pressure? The care politics of the pandemic, Food and Foodways, DOI: 10.1080/07409710.2021.1943612


Linek, L., Hümmler, L., Čajić, S. (2018): "Das wird man doch wohl noch sagen dürfen!" Zum Stand der Anti-Political Correctness Bewegung in Deutschland. Konferenzbericht. In: Feministische Studien, Heft 2, 416-420.



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