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Workshop The Power to Choose am 31.Mai 2007


Workshop with Prof. Naila Kabeer

The Power to Choose: Labour Market Decisions of Women

Thursday 31st of May, 3 – 5 p.m.
Humboldt University of Berlin, Dorotheenstr. 24, Room 3.007

Naila Kabeer reveals in her recent book “The Power to Choose: Bangladeshi Women and Labour Market Decisions” the differences in the labour market choices made by Bangladeshi women garment workers in London and in Dhaka (Bangladesh). She shows that Bangladeshi women’s employment in London is in accordance with the norms of purdah confined to wage work within their homes, whereas in Dhaka Bangladeshi women renegotiated purdah with the community in order to legitimize employment in the garment factories. How come that women in Dhaka were more empowered to renegotiate purdah than Bangladeshi women in London? Drawing on sociological and economic approaches Naila Kabeer offers a theoretical and methodological framework to explain these differences. We have the outstanding opportunity to discuss the results of the analysis together with Naila Kabeer.

Prof. Naila Kabeer is a Research Fellow at the Institute for Development Studies at the University of Sussex. She is a social economist specialising in gender, poverty, and social policy issues. Her main areas of research have been in South and South East Asia. She has also been active in developing frameworks and methodologies for integrating gender concerns into policy and planning and has substantial experience of training and advisory work with governments, bilateral and multilateral agencies and NGOs.

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